Christmas song 2022 announcement

So, yet another Christmas song could be coming your way! And this time it’s a more serious approach.

I actually wasn’t sure if I could, should or wanted to write a Christmas song this year. I’ve been painting myself into a corner with the lyrics since I each year the last couple of years tend to write about something that has happened during the passed year, or at least a subject everyone knows about and have a relation to.

And this years subject is of course obvious, though it isn’t obvious at all on how to tackle it. It’s a touchy thing because people are suffering from it still and it doesn’t seem to¬†end anytime soon, but I have come up with some lyrics that I think says it all, yet still respects everyone affected.

I’m still not a hundred percent sure if I want to release it and I do have a backup song in storage. But honestly, there are some words that needs to be said and I have somehow given myself the task to be the one who says them.

One week from now you’ll know wether it is coming out in public or not.

Keep your fingers crossed ?

/ jIM

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