Christmas song 2022 out now!

“So, after a lot of ifs and buts I finally decided to release THIS CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION (IS A ZPECIAL OPERATION) – Official Christmas song 2022.

And I do it with my nerves outside my skin. Because even if we’re living in a country where one can say just about anything about anyone and anything without getting caught and imprisoned or worse, it still is scary to critisize the worlds largest totalitarian states such as China and Russia – or rather, its leaders. Especially when it is carried out on the Internet and social media which knows no boundaries.

Because it is them, those in power who decide and control other people’s destinies, whether it’s the citizens of other countries or their own this is about. Not the people per se.

I am convinced that there are thousands and thousands of people in, in this case Russia, who do not agree with what the rulers are doing right now. And we have also seen it on tv: brave people who have openly criticized and protested against the regime with their lives on stake.

At first I wanted to tone down the lyrics, making them a bit more vague, but who am I fooling? This song is about the stupid invasion launched early this year, and the horrible war that has followed. Full stop.

May it end soon, and may the parties get what they deserve. Maybe there’s more to it – history, varied reasons, pure hatred or plain insanity. I don’t know. I see it from my point of view, through my channels and sources. And it looks bad. It looks unfair. It looks idiotic.

But I’ll leave it at that for now. Merry Christmas, everyone everywhere. It applies to all victims on both sides of this war.”

/ jIM

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