Back in october 2002 jIM dIMZEY locked himself up in his 20 squaremeter apartment with a Tascam 246 portable 4-channel recording studio, a few microphones, some instruments and a crate of Stewarts Scotch Whiskey for a week.
The door was locked and the windows were covered with cardboard to keep the outside world out, and all that existed was JD and the music.
There were no food in the house and no drinks apart from tapwater and the whiskey. The other only accessible fuel was the very noticeable presence of pain, agony and creativity.
The sound of the mixture was recorded and left to the afterworld to be known as: “Songs From the Mist”.
Shortly after the release jIM dIMZEY disappeared for several months, established a new kind of life on various tropical islands and refused to come home until his manager Mr Bradley persuaded him to return to the western civilization.
Not comfortable enough with the western society and it’s, from his point of view “severely degrading and unconsciously suicidal way of life” he still returns to the tropical islands from time to time to escape the modern way of western life and “inevitable decay that this side of the world brings the ignorant humans who doesn’t realize that they’re victims of their own atrophied minds”.


After a long time jIM dIMZEY finally have just launched his comeback. During the years of 2015–2020 the only sign of life have been a yearly christmas song who can all be found on all diital platforms, along with the remastered version of “Songs From the Mist”.