Dead Eyes on all streaming platforms!

Now has the new single Dead Eyes landed across all streaming platforms. The song is a straight forward rock tune with 70s vibes and a touch of soul.

I wanted to write a song about the dead routines daily life brings and especially the commuter nightmare where you are forced together with a bunch of strangers you don’t know early in the morning when you only just want to be by yourself and keep everyone at bay.

I mostly commute by motorcycle so I don’t have to deal woth all this dead eyes at the subway year round but winter time I too get in line and sitting out my share of time underground. And there is always one person who takes the train at the same time as me and she’s always smiling, seems som content and warm and all of a sudden the boring train ride becomes a happy joyride when she’s there.

Dead Eyes is available on all streaming platforms from now on. Make sure to play it loud and add it to your favourite playlist!

Listen to Dead Eyes here:


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