Latest release:

This Christmas Celebration (is a Special Operation)“, Single 2022
(IMI records, IMI-DS-011)


Dead Eyes“, Single 2022
(IMI records, IMI-DS-010)







Updownrestart“, Single 2022
(IMI records, IMI-DS-010)

Cover of the jIM dIMZEY single Christmas Lullaby

Christmas Lullaby“, Single 2021
(IMI records, IMI-DS-009)

Blew Me Away“, Single 2021
(IMI records, IMI-DS-008)

skivomslag för singel

Ballad Of Mary Ann/If You Ask Me Where To Go Now (Bonus Tracks From Songs From The Mist)“, Single 2021
IMI records, IMI-DS-007

Cover single In love with the madness

In Love With The Madness“, Single 2021
(IMI records, IMI-DS-006)

Albums & EPs

Songs From The Mist”, Album, Remastered 2015 (2002)
(IMI records, IMI-DA-001)

“Songs From The Mist”, Album 2002
(No Bullshit Productions, NOB-003)

Christmas Singles

Christmas Lullaby“, Single 2021
(IMI records, IMI-DS-009)

Blame China! (You Stole Our Christmas Day!“, Single 2020
(IMI records, IMI-DS-005)

Christmas Is Calling“, Single 2019
(IMI records, IMI-DS-004)

It’s Christmas Time Again (Go Out And Spend)“, Single 2017
(IMI records, IMI-DS-003)

Santa Santa, Help Me Out!“, Single 2016
(IMI records, IMI-DS-002)

I Just Give Myself For Christmas“, Single 2015
(IMI records, IMI-DS-001)