New song in the making

Productivity is high in the dIMZEY camp at the moment. Yet another song is in the making now.

This time it’s more of a laidback popish kinda rocksong inspired by the events between jIM and a tumultuous holiday love affair back in 2002 in Southeast Asia.

– I actually wrote it back then. But it was just recorded in my portable cassette recorder for ideas and stuff and I never did anything about it when I came home, even if it’s a really great song. I think it was more or less part of the diary I wrote during the whole trip – song lyrics has always been like an extension of my thoughts and feelings, ezpecially in truobled times, as this was.

It was a stormy releationship, firey and pasionate but apparently never meant to be. And it never became anything more. But now it has become a song instead.

– It’s some big words in there, and even though I’m of course not feeling the same things today I stand by them. It was, at the time and probably because of the fragile state I was in but never realized it back then, the love of my life and I suffered dearly pretty much all the time in between the flaming meetings we had across that chaotic continent.

The song will probably be finished within this year, or early next year but it’s not yet set when and how to release it.

– I have started to think about an album. I got this whole new energy right now and maybe I can set out a plan to pull it off. It would be nice to release a full album again. One that is recorded properly and not only on a 4 channel cassette porta recorder as “Song From the Mist” even if I love the songs on that album.

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