Recording vocals this week

So, 2023 starts off with the continuing recording of the new song started at the end of last year. I’m really thrilled because it’s one of the best yet I think. And with the upgrade of a new set of studio monitors the sound quality will be even better I hope.

Even though it took a pretty long time of trial and errors to find the right key for the song, now I feel it’s in the right place. And yes, it really is radio material!

I will be recording the vocals during this week and hopefully I’m done mixing before the end of the month.

I haven’t still decided how to release it. As I’ve been telling you before I really want to release a new album, or at least a EP. Though these days you’re often better off releasing singles, and bunch them all together on an album afterwards since most can’t be bothered with an entire album of songs that are completely unknown to them beforehand.

Well, we’ll see how it goes. Keep yourself updated and you soon know!

Thank’s for your support!

/ jIM

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